RealFee Eva Full Option Package (Snow Fairy)

RealFee Eva Full Option Package (Snow Fairy) – Limited to 200 counting both Luna and Eva
RealFee Girl

RealFee [Eva face + Girl body + Default Hands]
Premium eyes
Sleeping Face
Default Face Makeup
Wig(Synthetic mohair)^
Outfits (Snow Fairy)
Shoes (Clear, unpainted)
Crown (Clear, unpainted)
Centaur parts(Chosen Skin, unpainted, Hooves and Tail in Clear Violet)
Crystal Wings(Chosen Skin, unpainted)
Wing connector(same as the wing colour, unpainted)

Natural or Beautiful White or Tan*
Makeup Option

Sleeping Face Makeup

Processing time
60 days (70 days for Tan Skin option)

* Sculptor : G.O(Cerberus Project)
* Face Sculptor : Hae(Cerberus Project)
* Costume : Sunny Day(Park YounSun)
Supervisor by Sunny Day, Produced by CP/Fairyland