Shopping Guide

  • FairyLand Shopping Mall is at the time zone of GMT +9:00.
  • If you have any unanswered questions or you have concerns about this guide please contact us.
  • This guide was last updated in March 2021.


  • FairyLand Shopping Mall membership is a free service.
  • Please check that your EMAIL is registered correctly because this is the primary method of communication between FairyLand and you.
  • Some email service providers may filter or block emails from FairyLand without notifying you and we strongly recommend you to change your email if this is the case.
  • IMPORTANT: FairyLand is not responsible for any incidents arising from email service providers filtering or blocking our emails.
  • We advise you to change your email prior to order placement if you think your email service provider is blocking our email.
  • If you have any changes to member information, Please modify your information at My Account.

Placing your order

  • We do our best to make your shopping experience at FairyLand an enjoyable one. Order procedure is as follows.
  • IMPORTANT: Please read this page carefully if this is the first time you have visited FairyLand.
  1. Select items you wish to order and read the product information.
  2. Click [Add to Cart] to place items in the Shopping Cart.
  3. Login using the [ Log-in ] button on the top corner if you have signed up our membership account.
  4. Click [ Proceed to Checkout ] from the shopping cart and complete your order form.
  5. Select Shipping and payment method to complete your order.
  6. An automated order confirmation email is sent via Email. (Please contact us if you did not receive the email).
  7. Order processing starts upon payment completion. Please check each sales page for order processing time.
  8. An automated shipping notification email containing shipping information is sent out once order is completed and shipped.

Making Payment

  • Paypal is our sole method of payment at this point in time. Other methods of payment may be added depending on our situation.
  • You will be automatically directed to paypal payment page upon checkout. Please complete payment via your PayPal account.
  • Order Status will be changed to [Processing] when payment is confirmed, generally within 5 business days.
  • If you cannot make immediate payment but plan to do so within the grace period (7 business days), please select [ Pending Payment ] at checkout and indicate expected payment date in the order comment section. You will be directed to the PayPal payment page to complete the payment from My Account – Order page after your order status is changed into [ Pending Payment ] by the administrator.

Dispute & cancellation of payments

IMPORTANT: Information requested by payment companies may be provided in order to resolve the case if, for any reason, dispute or cancellation of payment arises for an order with a completed payment. This information can include order contents, ID, customer name, address, phone number, amount of payment, and whether attempts have been made to contact the customer.

  • Customer may be put at disadvantage from placing orders or other services if he/she cannot be contacted and the case is not resolved satisfactorily.
  • Please make sure that you are able to keep in touch with FairyLand as customer’s information may be shared with a dealer or companies in partnership especially if we are unable to contact the customer to resolve the case or if the dispute is deemed to be ill-intentioned and deliberate.

Order Modification

  • The system does not allow any changes to be made to the order that is placed and confirmed for security reasons. This includes email and order contents.
  • If you have not made the payment, it is recommended that you place a new order with all the items you wish to include.
  • If your order has been paid already, it is not possible to change the order content.
  • Please contact us if you must change the order content.

Order Cancellation

  • The system does not allow order cancellation once order is placed.
  • Any order with payment unconfirmed within 7 business days may be cancelled by the administrator.
  • Please contact the administrator if you require a longer grace period.
  • Once order is cancelled, order status cannot be reverted. If you wish to proceed with the order, a new order must be placed.
  • Please contact the administrator if you wish to cancel your order after making the payment.
  • A full refund or partial refund minus paypal administration fee will be processed depending on the order status.
  • The products are made to order and hence cancellation of orders at payment confirmation can be very detrimental for FairyLand. Please make a careful decision when purchasing or cancelling orders.
  • Refund is processed via PayPal minus cancellation administration fee. If you wish to receive a refund in other forms of payment, please contact the administrator.

Return & Exchange

  • At Fairyland we try to process this matter as reasonably as possible, but please note that in some situations return/exchange/refund is not possible.
  • Please contact FairyLand and follow our instructions before sending any item back to us. Fairyland is not responsible for any problems arising from item being sent back at customer’s discretion.

Typical return/refund (due to change of mind)

  • If any item needs to be returned, notify Fairyland and request returning within 10 days from receiving the item. Return request may not be accepted after 10 days.
  • Returned item must be in an unused state. Used items will NOT be accepted as a return in any circumstances.
  • Box/package must be unopened, and all accessories, manual etc must be untouched.
  • Orders placed by customer’s mistake, items manufactured and stocked especially for the customer, change of mind after ordering will have 50% restocking fee if return is requested.
  • You will receive a complete refund less a 50% restocking fee and shipping fee.
  • Shipping fee for returning the item is the customer’s responsibility. We recommend that you get insurance when you return the item.
  • Please note that if the returned item has not been received by Fairyland we cannot process the refund.
  • Special order & items, demo items cannot be returned.

Goods damaged in delivery / defective goods

  • If items have been damaged in delivery or you have received defective merchandise, customers must contact FairyLand within 7 days from receiving the package.
  • Information such as order number, date of receiving the order and photographs of damaged/defective items are required.
  • Processing depends on the nature of the defect or damages. We will provide you with information and instruction after receiving a request from you. Please do not return the item before contacting us.

Missing item in delivery

  • If any item is missing from the order, customers must contact FairyLand within 7 days from receiving the package.
  • Information such as order number, date of receiving the order and photographs of all items and boxes you have received are required.

Requesting exchange

  • For exchange requests, unless the wrong item has been sent by mistake, shipping fees for both to and from Fairyland are the customer’s responsibility.

Item Processing & Shipping

Processing Time

  • [Processing] stage : Processing time refers to time taken to manufacture, process and package all the items in your order.
  • Processing stage starts upon payment confirmation (ie. when order status becomes [ Processing ] ) does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public & company holidays.
  • Actual delivery timeframe may vary depending on factors such as customs clearance and holiday seasons of different regions and nations.
  • If more than one item is ordered, processing time for the order is determined by the item that takes the longest to be processed.
  • Processing time may increase if any changes are requested by the customer.

Shipping methods & Region

  • Only EMS or EMS Premium shipping service is available.
  • Shipping fee is automatically calculated by the destination region at checkout.
  • Shipping fee is determined either by the weight or the volume weight of the package depending on more expansive calculation. (Volume Weight Calculation:  Weight(Kg) = Width(cm) X Length(cm) X Height(cm) / 6000 )
  • EMS and EMS Premium fee may change without notice by the courier company responsible for delivery.
  • Please contact the administrator if your destination region is not covered by EMS or EMS Premium service.
  • If your order content is too large, your order content may be divided into several packages due to volume weight restrictions.

About Customs & duties

  • Fairyland is not responsible for customs and duties of destination countries.
  • In some cases items must be declared and depending on the country customs tax and duties may need to be paid.
  • Please find out about customs and duty processes of your country beforehand, and write your request on the order comment if you have any. We will try our best to accommodate your request but in some instances, your request may not be accommodated depending on the destination country.