puki Chocopuki Full Package (BlackCat-Queen)

puki Chocopuki Full Package (BlackCat-Queen)

puki (body+chosen faceplate*+eyes)
Sleeping faceplate (of chosen faceplate)

Optional hands (clenching hands)
Wig (random)
Outfits (BlackCat)**
Metal plate, Box

* faceplate has human type ears
** Button color is random.
*** pukisha Set not included.

Additional Contents**

Victory hands
OK hands
Fist hands (left microphone hand + right fist hand)*
Winking faceplate (of chosen faceplate type)
* Microphone not included.
**Additional contents are gifts for initial buyers. These may be changed or removed in the future.

Chocolate tan
Makeup Option
Chosen faceplate makeup
Sleeping faceplate makeup (of chosen faceplate)
Winking faceplate makeup (of chosen faceplate)
Processing time
Caution when ordering Chocolate Tan skin

– There may be variations depending on the home care, but Chocolate Tan dolls undergo faster color change than other skin tones and it may occur within short time frame.
– There may be some bubbles on the body (not faceplate). Please try not to customize faceplate or body using sandpaper or other tools.
– Chemicals such as thinner used for modifying or removing makeup may cause colr change. FairyLand recommends that only experienced customizers to attempt doing makeup.
– Default faceplate makeup should also be selected using the option due to the charcteristics of Chocolate Skin dolls.