FeePle65 Ine Full Package (The White Witch)

(New Release)FeePle65 Ine Full Package (The White Witch) – Limited Edition 100 sets
(New Release)FeePle65 Female

FeePle65 Ine [Face + Large(Normal) bust* + with both Flat Feet AND Heel Feet) + #11 Hands]
Default eyes 1 pair (14mm random color)
Ine Face Makeup
Wig(8~9 inch)^
Outfits(The White Witch)*
Shoes(Resin heel – Clear, unpainted)
Crown of Thorns(Clear, unpainted)

*The costume is made to fit Large(Normal)bust type.

Skin (option)
Natural or Beautiful White or Tan*
Additional options

Sleeping Face
Sleeping Face Makeup

Eye Upgrade

Upgrade to eyes shown on promotional photograph.

Processing time
65 days (75 days for Tan Skin option)

* A Series on Colours
* Sculptor : G.O(Cerberus Project)
* Face Sculptor : hae(Cerberus Project)
* Costume : Sylphe du Sud(Jo HyeJung)
Supervisor by Sunny Day, Produced by CP & Fairyland