FeePle60 Rendia Full Package (Wind of Hope)

FeePle60 Rendia Full Package (Wind of Hope)
FeePle60 Female

FeePle60 Rendia [Head + Moe body + #18 Hands]
Premium eyes
Rendia Head Makeup
Outfits(Wind of Hope)*
Shoes(Clear resin heel – unpainted)
Wing Ornaments(Clear resin – unpainted)
Heel feet

*The outfit is made of real bird feathers and dark fabrics and may transfer colour. Please do not leave the outfit on the doll for long period of time. Detail of decorative ornaments may change without notice depending on material availability.

Natural or Beautiful White
Makeup&Head options

Sleeping Head
Sleeping Head Makeup

Processing time
60 days (70 days for Tan Skin option)

* Sculptor : G.O(Cerberus Project)
* Face Sculptor : hae(Cerberus Project)
* Costume : Sylphe du Sud(Jo HyeJung)
Supervised by Sunny Day, Produced by CP/Fairyland