FairyLine60 Ria(Harpy) Full Package (Temptation of Phoenix)

FairyLine60 Ria(Harpy) Full Package (Temptation of Phoenix)
FairyLine60 Female

FairyLine60 Ria
FairyLine60 Female body(Medium BustF piece, Harpy Legs) + #18 Hands

14mm acrylic eyes (random color)
Ria Head Makeup
Outfits(Temptation of Phoenix)* – includes real bird feathers
Shoes(Resin heel – Clear Smoke, unpainted)**
Bird Skull Mask(Clear Smoke, unpainted + artificial flower + real bird feathers)
*Pair of stockings are intended for human legs only.
** Pair of stockings and shoes are part of full package component and will be included with the full package.

Natural or Beautiful White or Tan*
Makeup&Head options

Sleeping Head
Sleeping Head Makeup

Eye Upgrade

Upgrade to eyes shown on promotional photograph.

Processing time
60 days (70 days for Tan Skin option)

* Sculptor : G.O(Cerberus Project)
* Face Sculptor : Hae(Cerberus Project)
* Costume : Sylphe du Sud(Jo HyeJung)
Supervised by Sunny Day, Produced by CP/Fairyland