AniFee Series 003 [ Nekopara ] Vanilla

*AniFee Series 002 [ Nekopara ] Chocola

-Size: 43cm(1/4 Scale)
-Body: AniFee Original Soft Vinyl Frame Body (M Bust)
-Sculpt: G.O(Cerberus Project)
-Head: Chocola Resin Head (with Makeup)
-Eyes: Chocola Exclusive Resin Eyes (14mm)
-Wig: Chocola Exclusive Wig (6-7 inch)
-Components: Body, Wig, Eyes, Maid Outfit, Hairband, Chocola Ears, Tail, Underwear, Shoes, AniFee Stand
-Wig: Chocola Exclusive Wig (6-7 inch)
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*[AniFee] is a newly launched character doll series brand, using original soft vinyl frame body, developed by CP/FairyLand. 
It aims to faithfully recreate characters just like illustrations and beyond, into higher quality dolls. 


*About AniFee

AniFee is [Soft Vinyl Frame Body] doll, that is different from other resin dolls sold at CP/FairyLand. 
Unlike resin, AniFee will catch colour very easily. Please handle with care as colouring is not a criteria for exchange and or refund. 

This product cannot be ordered together with other FairyLand bjd dolls. 
AniFee cannot share clothes with other doll lines such as MiniFee and FairyLine. 
MiniFee and FairyLine head can be shared with AniFee body. 


[ Welcome, Master! ]One of the main character of Nekopara [ Chocola ] is now newly available in 40cm doll.
From ears to tail, faithfully recreating her cat-like figure, it is now possible to pose her in various ways using the exclusive stand!
She looks even cuter, together with Vanilla!