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NEW FairyLine Centaurs Updates (coming soon)

2022-07-18 05:19

Dear Customers,

 We are happy to announce a mid-summer surprise updates, New FairyLine Centaurs. 

Centaurs body, parts, wings and horns will become available for sale along with FairyLine basic. 

Centaurs will be available for sale at FairyLand website, Denver Doll Emporium and Adoll Land only. 

More detail will be available at the time of the release and hence questions regarding the new release will be unattended until web administrators have the information on the day of the release. 

Please note that we no longer provide combined shipping services and you will need to place a separate new order even if you have an existing FairyLand Summer Event order(s). 

Thank you. 

Kind Regards,