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New Updates & Shipping Notice

2022-05-13 15:39

Dear Customers, 

We would like to take this opportunity to make some important announcements. 

1. NEW Lookback heads have been updated.

 F60 Chiwoo and MNF Shiwoo heads have been updated and below 4 item pages will be updated accordingly. Sales is available from May 13th until June 60th. Lookback head refers to head(s) that was preivously available but marked as sold out, that will be available for sale separately as basic and as a separate item. This isn't just a reproduction of the previously discontinued head but eye sizes and inner circumference could have been updated. It will still maintain the previous aesthetics but is not an exact reproduction of the discontinued head. Please take this into consideration when purchasing. 

MiniFee Head - Lookback
MiniFee basic - Lookback
FeePle60 Head - Lookback
FeePle60 Basic - Lookback

2. Sold Out Notice for MNF Boy A-line Normal/Muscular Body

MNF boy A line Normal/Muscular body will be marked as temporarily sold out as of May 31st. This is to maintain the quality of processing mould so please make sure to place your order before May 31st if you were planning to place the order with these body options. These body options will be pulled down from the Lookback Basic choices as of May 31st as well. 

3. (22.04.29) F65 hand parts No. 1,2,3 compatibility issue 

Current F65 male hand parts No. 1,2, and 3, that are available at current new website are compatible with new F65 body (2022 ver.) and NOT compatible with older F65 body. Previous F65 male hand parts that were available at the old website are compatible with older F65 body but slightly loose on the new F65 body (2022 ver.). 

4. About Shipping

As many of you are aware, there are still shipping delays. The delay isn't as bad as previously but we are still experiencing shipping suspension to some EMS premium regions. These countries are Belarus, China, Russia and Ukraine; shipping to all Chinese address has not been suspended but due to difficulties of checking each individual address, we have stopped shipping to China. We are using this opportunity to make a public announcement and would like to encourage our customers to contact us with your preferred method of shipping: delay until suspension is lifted, use a freight forward service arranged by the customer, or use an alternative address of a different destination country. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for shipping errors as a result of incorrect delivery address. 

Thank you. 

Kind Regards,