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Shipping Delays due to the Omicron variant spreads in Korea

2022-03-22 11:04

Dear Customers,

 Due to the Omicron variant spreads in Korea, we are currently experiencing shipping delays. 

We ask for your kind understanding as we try our best to minimise shipping delays as much as possible. 

We promise to do our utmost to deliver your precious dollie family to your hands under given circumstances. 

Please note that any shipping estimate requests that require an inspection is likely to delay shipping day by 0.5 ~ 3 business days upon each inquiries as your order needs to be pulled out from the processing queue to be inspected.

The entire processing line does not halt and wait until inspection for your order is finished and as a result another person's order(s) might have taken over your queue while shipping status inspection takes place. This also delays the general processing speed of entire FairyLand orders as the inspection is carried out by the central administrator who overlooks finishing checkup of before shipping orders.

Thank you. 

Kind Regards,