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2023 Halloween Event Notice

2023-09-28 11:30

Dear Customers, 

We are ever so excited with the return of the Halloween Event.

Event Period: October 5th - November 6th

(Denver Doll starts on September 29, and everyone else starts on October 5.)

The 2023 Halloween event features new FeePle65 Nuia/Nuia Elf and MiniFee Ariel/Ariel Vampire.

You can choose from Nuia Elf/Nuia Human products in the FeePle65 package, and Ariel Vampire/Ariel Human products in the MiniFee package.

Additional heads for Nuia/Nuia Elf and MiniFee Ariel/Ariel Vampire are also available in all package options.

In addition, customers who purchase packaged products can purchase new hand parts at a discounted price. (Select from options within packaged products.)

FeePle65 Nuia Full Package - 20% off 3 new hand parts

FeePle65 Nuia Designers Complete - 30% off 3 new hand parts

MiniFee Ariel Full Package - 20% off 5 new hand parts

MiniFee Ariel Designers Complete - 30% off 5 new hand parts

(*You can only buy 1 each of the discounted hand parts.)

And thanks to many customers' requests, we sell Dark Elf Sooo Dreaming Head at MiniFee Head - Lookback.

This lookback head is on sale during the Halloween event.

MiniFee/FeePle60/FeePle65 resin shoes currently on sale will end at the end of the Halloween event.

In addition, the new MiniFee/FeePle60/FeePle65 hand parts on sale will be sold out at the end of the Halloween event and will be resold after reorganization.

Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you. 

Kind Regards,