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New hand parts and resin shoe parts for sale

2023-09-23 11:05

New hand parts and resin shoe parts for sale

5 MiniFee hand parts, 3 each of FeePle60 male and female, and 3 each of FeePle65 male and female for a total of 11 pieces.

Resin shoes are 2 MiniFee, 3 FeePle60, and 2 FeePle65.

Please note that even though the design is the same, the types available are limited, so please be careful when purchasing.

We will continue to sell the hand parts, and the resin shoes will end at the end of the next event (Halloween event).

5% discount on new hand parts only when you purchase 3 or more new hand parts

5% discount on new resin shoes when you buy 3 or more pairs of new shoes

Other items and dolls purchased together will not be discounted (new hand parts and resin shoes only).

The discount is automatically applied and you can see it in your cart.

About the price increase

We are increasing the price of existing hand and foot parts, including this new hand part.

The increase will be implemented immediately after the Halloween event. The increase will be 10-15%.

Holiday Notice

Chuseok Holiday September 28 - October 3

*Bulletin board inquiries will be limited during the holiday period.