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Special Skin Release and Centaur Body Clear Smoke Version Now Available

2023-05-04 17:44

Sale Period : May 10 - June 10

Sale items :


Clear Smoke version

-FairyLine Centaur Body (Ver.1)

-Pegasus Wings(Ver.2)

-Wing assist connector

Previous sales had restrictions on where to sell, but this sale is unrestricted.


Special skins are sold separately as MiniFee a la carte and FairyLine basic.

-[Speciel Skin] FairyLine basic

-[Speciel Skin] MiniFee a la carte

Unfortunately, makeup is excluded from the Special Skin, as it is expected to be difficult to use existing makeup.

The Special Skin and Clear Smoke versions will be displayed on the product page, but with the same caveats as the Tan Skin and Clear Parts.

The special skins are Elf Gray and Blue Gray, which also apply to hand parts and heels.

The heads are only available in a select few, not all, and are listed below.





Hwayu Vampire Elf

Soo Dark Elf



Jiyu Vampire Elf



El Elf *.

- The Soo Dark Elf, Klaus, and Erda heads are re-releases and will be sold as special skins as well as regular alacartes/basics.


-MiniFee Head - Lookback (El Elf head)

-MiniFee basic - Lookback (El Elf head)

El Elf Lookback Head and El Elf Lookback Basic will be available until June.

The lookback El Elf Sleeping Head is only available for [Speciel Skin] FairyLine basic and [Speciel Skin] MiniFee a la carte).

The event head, MiniFee Soo Dark Elf (A), is the same head that was offered in the 21/22 Winter Event and is available in Elf Gray and Blue Gray as a special skin release this time.

If you meet the threshold, you can choose it, and if you purchase [Speciel Skin] FairyLine basic and [Speciel Skin] MiniFee a la carte, you can also purchase it as an option for a fee.

Thank you for your interest in Special Skins.

Items such as special skins and clear versions are planned by operators who want to try different things, and it seems that up to two special skins can be sold at a time.

This means that the skin you are selling may not be available at the next special skin sale, or if we introduce a new skin, the skin you are selling will not be re-released.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is an event, so we can't sell them all the time.

Finally, the re-release of MiniFee Heads is something we'll be refining our rotation on a regular basis. 

We'll be collecting feedback on this as well, so please stay tuned for more information on how we'll do that. 

On the other hand, some of the heads on sale may be temporarily out of stock, but we will notify you in advance.