MiniFee Mio Full Package (Steam Age – Queen of Hearts)

MiniFee Mio Full Package (Steam Age – Queen of Hearts) 
MiniFee Girl

MiniFee Mio
*Moe Line Girl body(Glamour Bust) + #3 hands
Default eyes 1 pair (14mm random color)
Mio Head Makeup
Outfits (Steam Age – Queen of Hearts)
Shoes(with transparent resin heels – unpainted)
Crown (Beautiful White Skin – unpainted)
Staff (Beautiful White Skin – unpainted)

Natural or Beautiful White or Tan
Makeup&Head options

Sleeping Head
Sleeping Head Makeup

Art Complete

Art complete (paintings for shoes, Crown, Staff)

Eye Upgrade

Upgrade to eyes shown on promotional photograph.

Processing time
60 days (70 days for Tan Skin option)

* Series : Steam Age
* Sculptor : G.O(Cerberus Project)
* Face Sculptor : hae(Cerberus Project)
* Costume : Sylphe du Sud(Fairy’s Atelier)
Supervisor by Sunny Day, Produced by CP & Fairyland