FeePle BREAKAWAY Special Full Package (Midnight Sun)


FeePle BREAKAWAY Special Full Package (Midnight Sun)

FeePle Male
Skin (option)
Natural or Beautiful White  

FeePle Breakaway (or Dreaming Breakaway) Head* + Sleeping Head
Default eyes 1 pair (16mm random color)
Breakaway (or Dreaming Breakaway) Head Makeup
Outfits(Midnight Sun), Boots
Metal Plate

Additional options

Makeup for Sleeping head
Breakaway (or Dreaming Breakaway) head*
Makeup for Breakaway (or Dreaming Breakaway) head

Note on selecting Default head

*Breakaway Full Package(Midnight Sun) has default head type option. Either Normal Breakway head or Dreaming Breakaway head can be chosen. Additional head that can be selected from furthur option is the remaining head.
ie. If Dreaming head is selected as the default head, Normal head can be selected as an optional purchase and vice versa.
(It is not possible to have two of same head types for both default and optional heads. Sleeping head cannot be changed with Normal or Dreaming Breakaway head.)

Processing time
40 days